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Genetically modified cotton (GM)

Genetically modified cotton (GM) The genetic code for the plant includes a bacterial toxin. This code is killing the pest, and the result is less use of pesticide treatment.


Information Overload

Information overload is a term used to describe an overflow of information through many different media. Such as digital, radio, TV, Video, newspaper, books and magazine. The total amount of information is not possible to consume, and we feel we miss out. It creates a false stress level on individuals as well as industries managing finding the right info.


The scenario is a term used to describe a plausible and often simplified version of how the future might develop, based on assumptions about driving forces and critical relationships. While they may be credible, it is usually hard or impossible to add probabilities to their occurrence as there are neither predictions nor forecasts.

Sustainability indicator

Sustainability indicator is a proxy for a specific issue or theme that an organisation, business or government want to monitor environmental data over time. Signs are symbolic representations (such as numbers, symbols, graphics, colours) designed to communicate a trend in a complex system.