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Human Rights

Human rights are a term used to describe a set of individual rights under being a human. These rights are a part of the understanding of positive moral entitlements within a global society. The notion of rules to protect citizens from arbitrary power historically connected with the concept of civil society.

Global sectors

Global sectors are a term used to describe an accumulation of organisations and entities operating on a worldwide level that are categorised by their primary focus area: the government, business or civil society.

Global Dynamics

Global dynamics is a term used to describe a new way of thinking about a wide variety of global challenges that recognises that there is a host of factors—complexity, politics, economics, culture, technology, demographics, environmental.

Mega community

Mega community is a term used to describe a collaborative socio-economic environment in which business, government, and civil society interact according to their common interests while maintaining their unique priorities together known as tri-sector.

Civil society

Civil society is a term used to describe one of three global sectors. It represents a collection of nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) and intermediary institutions.

NICE consumer project

NICE consumer project. The ultimate aim of the NICE Consumer project is to inspire changes leads consumer behaviour toward sustainable fashion consumption, covering the purchase, use, care for and disposal of fashion goods and accessories.