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Microbes are a diverse group of organisms divided into the following. Viruses, unicellular groups (Archaea, Eubacteria, Protista, fungi, and Chlorophyta). Besides some number of plants with a simple multicellular structure (the more giant mushrooms and Chlorophyta).


The sink is a term used on any process, activity or mechanism which removes a greenhouse gas, and aerosols or a precursor of greenhouse gas or aerosols from the atmosphere

CO2 Fertilization

CO2 Fertilization is the enhancement of plant growth as a result of elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels are finite sources of carbon-based energy (mostly oil, gas and coal) which burnt to produce heat and other sources of power.


Petroleum in its natural form before it is processed is known as crude oil, the colour can be green, black, dark, brown or clear, thick like tar or thin like gasoline; and are liquid under normal conditions of temperature and pressure

Composite fabric

Composite fabric is a term used to describe an engineered material with two or more different types of fibres composed in a sheath-core or side-side relation.


Benzene is an organic chemical compound discovered in 1823 by Faraday.