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Basalt fibre

Basalt fibres made from rock solidified from volcanic lava are suggested by some as the alternative to glass fibres.

Glass fibres

Glass fibres existing in a wide range of types for several ends use made by melting silica (sand material) at very high temperatures and adding to the melt the necessary fabrics. High temperatures always incur significant energy costs.

Composite fabric

Composite fabric is a term used to describe an engineered material with two or more different types of fibres composed in a sheath-core or side-side relation.

Hybrid yarns

Hybrid yarn is a term used on an engineered fibre or material composed for a specific purpose or technical, functional requirement besides the basic as covering the body or looking fashionable.

Fibre to fabric engineering

Fibre to fabric engineering. It still does not exist an official fibre to fabric engineering title for this vastly wide and large industry segment as it was never undertaken by pro textile associations.

Advanced fibre

Advanced fibre is a term used to describe any reinforcing fibres characterized by either extraordinary strength, modulus or resistance to high temperature