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Clone is a term used to describe a daughter animal with an identical genome to the mother.

Suzanne Lee

Suzanne Lee is a fashion designer, author leading research project BioCouture. BioCouture is a project described in the eminent book Fashioning The Future, Tomorrow’s wardrobe (Thames & Hudson). It examines the work of those scientific researchers and fashion designers working with new sustainable fashion solutions.


Self-assembly (also called Brownian assembly) is a term used to describe a spontaneous organization of individual pre-existing components into an ordered structure without human or supernatural invention.

Surface design

Surface design is a significant factor in fashion design now, and even more in the future due to environmental issues, consumer demands and new technology such as nanotechnology makes it possible to manipulate fabric properties at the textile surface

Smart materials

Smart materials describe a general term that refers to those unique materials which are characterised by their intelligence as they can recognise appropriately to stimuli from the internal and external environment.


The Bioreactor is a term used as an apparatus which is used to carry out bioprocesses such as fermenters and enzyme reactors.


Biotechnology is techniques that use living organisms or parts of plants to produce a variety of products (from medicines to industrial enzymes)

Industrial biotechnology

Industrial biotechnology is a term upon various highly-developed applications that uses engineered microbes and enzymes in chemical synthesis processes. These engineered components can be highly useful to clean up the environment.