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Geocomplexity is a term used to describe a category of global issues in which social, political, military, and economic activities interact as a complex system and in which the dynamic nature of the problems make top-down, command-and-control, and reductionist management methods ineffective.


Downgauging is a term used to describe processes or use new methods to reduce the totality of material in a package, such as lighter materials or decrease wall thickness.

Structural colour

Structural colour is a term used to describe objects that do not have any pigment yet get their colours from light that is being reflected in microstructures and by this manipulating our brain’s way to see colours (like in a rainbow). In nature, tremendous numbers of orders and patterns are generated spontaneously, which enliven our surroundings.

Gaudi illustration

GAUDI ILLUSTRATION. Gaudi took inspiration from nature, particularly solutions used in the Sagrada de Familia church. The Belltower staircases is an excellent example of copying nature


Biomimicry comes from the word bios, means life and mimesis, meaning to imitate.