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Body burden

Body burden is a term used to describe the total sum of all persistent toxins in our body that we accumulate from our air, water, diet, and surroundings. Such as Particulate matter (PM), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Aerosols.


The sink is a term used on any process, activity or mechanism which removes a greenhouse gas, and aerosols or a precursor of greenhouse gas or aerosols from the atmosphere

Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse Effect is heating of the planet due to the increased density of the trace greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. They have the effect of increasing absorption of sunlight by preventing the outward radiation of heat from the Earth.

Particulate matter (PM)

Particulate matter(PM) (also known as particle pollution or PM, ) is tiny pieces of solid or liquid matter such as particles of soot, dust, fumes, mists or aerosols. The physical characteristics of particles, and how they combine with other particles, are part of the feedback mechanisms of the atmosphere.


Aerosols The aerosol is a term used to describe a collection of airborne solid or liquid particles with a typical size between 0.01 and 10 μm that reside in the atmosphere from periods of hours to days or months. They may be natural or anthropogenic in origin....