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Raw denim (dry)

Raw denim (dry) contrary to washed denim, is a denim fabric not coated after being dyed during its production. Over time, denim will extensively fade, which is often considered desirable.


Red cast

The red cast is the organic blue, which is also known as happy days, has a slightly reddish tint. It was used by Levi’s to make the Big E. The dying formula originally included some real corn syrup.

Red Tab

Red Tab is the embodiment of Levi’s. Levi’s Red Tab Men’s Jeans encapsulates the originality and definitiveness which flow from the first pair of five-pocket Jean ever created.

Right Hand Twill

Right Hand Twill is a fabric weave where the twill line runs from the top right-hand corner of the fabric at the bottom left. Usually, in a piece-dyed fabric’s right-hand twill use two plied yarns in the warp.