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Prosumer is a term used to describe a production process that is a much higher degree than before involves the consumer in product development as communication such as the Internet educates people it also allows Two ways communication with prosumer and brand (product or service).

3D Printing

The 3D printing is a term used in a computer-based printer that with high precision print 3-dimensional prints mostly by using different types of plastic that add on layers by layers.

The Fab Home Project

The Fab@Home Project is an open-source mass-collaboration developing personal fabrication technology for anyone such as 3D printing. Own fabrication devices make it possible to manufacture custom objects on-demand without expensive and environmental costly shipping around the world.

Mass customization

Mass customisation is a term used where customers provided with the capability to semi-customise existing apparel platforms that produced with the use of standard mass-production techniques while giving the product at a competitive price point.