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Systematic Approach (design)

A Systematic approach to design is a term used to describe a set of activities, which control overall implementation and integration of a complex set of interacting components or systems to meet the needs of all users. A systematic approach to design is one of the most well-established models to the design process. It considers the design process as a set of successive stages that correspond to the achievement of associated tasks by concerned stakeholders.

The design problem

The first stage, called product planning and clarification of the task, consists of analysing, expressing and decomposing the design problem. The following stages then deal with the solution definition. They aim at solving the expressed problem, according to a generic progression, from abstract and global aspects to nice and physical ones and involve evaluations and choices at the end of each stage. A systematic approach is mainly known and used in engineering. However, this way of solving and designing will increase as more people understand that the world is interconnected and the complexity requires to look upon the whole rather than just a small part.

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