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Sustainia was founded in 2012 the Nordic independent think tank Monday Morning, and developed in close collaboration with organizations such as UN Global Compact and EU Commission. Sustainia is a sustainability think tank and innovation platform where companies, NGOs, foundations and thought leaders come together to support and work with a tangible approach to sustainability. With a focus on readily available solutions, Sustainia’s mission is to mature markets and sectors for sustainable products and services. The work of Sustainia equips decision-makers, CEOs and citizens with the solutions, arguments, visions; facts and network needed to accelerate sustainable transformation in sectors, industries and our everyday life.

Sustainia work and publish

  1. Sustainia100, an annual guide to 100 leading sustainability solutions
  2. Sustainia Community Award
  3. Sustainia sector guides
  4. Sustainia City Guides the future for our cities.
  5. Sustainia action forum

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