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Super-absorbing textiles

Super-absorbing textile is a term used on a type of textile fabrics with the ability to absorb, for example, moist and problems associated with the discomfort experienced by using impermeable materials close to the skin. The problem solution is minimised by primarily prolonging a vapour atmosphere or microclimate between the skin and the fabric.

A product named Stormatex textiles uses a closed-cell-foam material called neoprene to create this effect. Other products, such as Hydroweave uses layers that through evaporation, creates a cooling effect on its performance-enhancing fabric. In reality, the immersed water in a three-layer fabric of which the middle layer absorbs and retains moisture. The fabric cools the wearer as the water evaporates from one layer to the next, this cooling effect cools the wearer while the lining and its shell keep the wearer dry. This effect and the principle of Hydroweave begin with a polymer fibre that has a super water-absorbing effect as its blended to form a layered mat structure. This mat positioned between a breathable exterior shell and a conductive, waterproof inner fabric layer. Therefore, upon evaporation, water can only escape through the breathable exterior layer and cannot affect the wearer because of the surface layer is waterproof (conductive, inner fabric layer)

Hydroweave gives, therefore, the following advantage:

  • The cooling effect happens over the entire fabric
  • The flexibility of the fabric manufactured into a wide

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