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The spacesuit is a term used on the specially constructed suit worn by Astronauts or Cosmonauts space travels. These suits made with many different systems as in most spacesuits, not with a single system can lead to critical or catastrophic faults. They need several system back-ups as fault detection, recovery, and isolation. Particularly means power supplies, data communication, and pressure regulators, besides, must be able to operate seven hours continuously work and emergency reserve backup 30 min. 300 Watt required as approximately metabolic capacity mostly supplied by a silver sink battery system.

The system produce

Such a system produces 7.5 Mega Joule of energy or more than 30 times a laptop computer used on Earth. Communication systems wireless include audio, and microphone link transferring the Astronaut’s or Cosmonauts suit diagnostics, life support data and fluid/water capacity of 0,6 litres. Besides, human needs a waste container, hygienic paper clips. The total weight of such system 125kg on Earth and takes around 15 minutes to take on/off.

It is wearable technology and smart-wear system, including extreme development of materials as can also be viewed as a small spacecraft. Including for spacewalk repairs a Jet Propulsion backpack for mobility, spacesuit arm depicting several layers and functions.

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