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Smart textiles

Smart textile is a term used to describe a whole group of textiles that have built in triggers by different advanced methods (chemically, temperature variations, electroactive polymer) and manufacturing techniques in fibre, yarns and fabrics have been a driving force the last 20 years to make innovative products and product applications that fulfill customers

Advances in polymer and fibre science and in the manufacturing technologies of fibres, yarns, and fabrics have been the driving force behind the development of smart textiles and innovative products that come up to customer expectations. Many of these applications today now find use mostly outside the regular textile sector. Therefore, producers of clothes, fibre, yarn, and fabrics have pushed the boundaries further ahead by developing newer materials and are constantly in order to meet new market demands been able to push new directions within the traditional textile sector and applications outside textile industry.

Smart textiles are mainly grouped into three different categories degenerate on their environmental reaction:

  • active smart textiles can sense the stimuli from the environment and also react to these stimuli.
  • passive smart textiles can only sense the environmental conditions or stimuli
  • very smart textiles can sense and react to the environmental conditions in such a way that their reaction is an adaptation to the environment

Check out a very cool site (Platea a voice for visionaries) for visionaries with a great story on smart textiles:  Smart textiles are shaping the future of fabrics in incredible ways


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