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Scrap Products

Scrap products that have completed their useful life, such as appliances, cars, construction materials, ships, and post-consumer steel cans; also includes new scrap materials that result as by-products when metals are processed and products are manufactured. For example, Steel scrap is recycled in steel mills to make new steel products.

Scrap fashion products

In 2000  we worked with Mark Farrow rebranding project for Levi Strauss as a part of re-inventing the brand and clean up the old western style.  We experimented and took denim scraps from the factory floor and remade it into heavy cardboard labels for the workwear line, without the need of bleaching we managed to create value from scraps, it became adopted globally as a part of re-creating the brand. By innovations such as the label project,  RED and Levi Engineered jeans and LVC

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