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Ritual (rites)

Rituals or rites are a term used to describe a religious or tribal set of repeatable (singing or musical chants) symbolic actions. Involving the sacred or organisational (secret). Rituals, therefore include actions such as prayers involving praise, petition, vows or confession or making vows. Others are ceremonials ordination, confirmation, marriage ceremonies, funeral rites and burials, feasts, fasts, almsgiving, vigils, lamentations, blessings, thanksgiving, grace before meals, and contemplative or meditative prayer.

Lack or loss of traditional rituals in the western society

Nevertheless, the definition is too narrow for the modern world as is only covering traditional rituals, the lack of many rituals in today’s society has been replaced by new and more personal interpretation as many old has lost its value and does not mean much anymore for the newer generations. In the western world, for example, a ritual called marriage should no longer have status as a ritual as more than 50 per cent of the married are divorced. A rite should include something that is a lifelong commitment, often involved a painful or dangerous action.

Tattooing is, therefore, a ritual; the increased popularity among many teenagers to get tattooed is a result of traditional rituals. These rituals confirm by marks on the body membership for example to a gang. Travels seen as a form of ritual many perform before getting established.

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