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Reverse logistics (RL)

Reverse logistics stands for all operations related to the flow of reuse of unwanted materials, goods or equipment back to the firm, through its logistics chain for reuse, recycling or disposal. Other terms synonymous to Reverse Logistics (RL) are Retrogistics, Aftermarket Logistics, or Aftermarket Supply Chain

The steps of Reverse Logistics (RL)

  • Innocence
    • No reverse logistics and no understanding of the benefits and needs
  • Understanding
    • Non-existent, or poorly developed reverse logistics. However, a growing understanding of the need from an environmental, control and warranty perspective
  • Competence
    • Solid reverse logistics capacity for traditional repairs and good control on 3rd party services and returns
  • Development
    • The increasing scope of reverse logistics to include a much broader range of parts. Growing focus on warranty, recovering meeting environmental legislature
  • Excellence
    • World-class optimised reverse logistics. Minimises warranty cost by pushing back warranty cost to suppliers. Fully environmental compliant, excellent warranty claim. Revenue from waste materials

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