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Refashioned is a terminology used to describe a novel use of upcycled materials and crafting deadstock (materials not wanted or usable) of the high-speed society and transforming, stitched, patched into unique hand-made clothes. Refashioned is a philosophical and intellectual avant-garde creation using upcycled materials in a novel way. Each piece constructed, challenging and unique objects that follow no trends, however, creates them.

Sass Brown “Refashioned, making cutting-edge clothing from upcycled materials

Refashion activism is the opposite of fast fashions mass-manufactured garments that have no meaning other than the look of the day. The fashion activist, writer, and publisher Sass Brown released the brilliant book “Refashioned, making cutting-edge clothing from upcycled material by Sass Brown. Published in 2013 by Laurence King Publishing” and includes top end designers in the sustainable era. The book is truly inspirational, important and visually playful. In 2012 another book “Remake It Clothes”. The essential guide to resourceful fashion by Henrietta Thompson and illustrations By Neal Whittington published on Thames &Hudson. It’s a handy practical book with a brief history of dressmaking at home and at the same time presenting many of the ideas covered by Sass Brown in her book Refashioned. See Craft

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