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QR Code

QR Code is a term used to describe a type of barcode that was developed by Denso-Wave in 1994 The word “QR“derives from ”Quick Response“. It is essentially a printed ”image“ containing data which when photographed by a camera phone, can decode the information encoded. Developed for high demand, fast-moving environment. QR codes have an error encoding and can hold the data intact, even if 30 per cent of the printed image is damaged. Besides store more data in a given area when compared to the conventional barcode.

Information such as product code, serial number, and manufactured date can be encoded using a QR Code. The content of the encoded message holds text format which parsed using a delimiter to extract the field content. The real advantage is the ability to benefit access information on the move since almost all new mobile phones come with a camera and use the same SME infrastructure. Therefore, the data can be acted upon immediately by SME.

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