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Prosumer is a term used to describe a production process that is a much higher degree than before involves the consumer in product development as communication such as the Internet educates people it also allows Two ways communication with prosumer and brand (product or service). Several new service companies or products are a result of a consumer made product of whom a company develops user-friendly systems made to involve and develop both abstract and concrete products. Wikipedia is a result of massive consumer or prosumer made service product as well as Slideshare. In industries such as trainer, Nike allows the consumer to create their design on their shoes or jeans/wear where you can order by measurement or mass-customisation. As we are entering the next Industrial Revolution, 3D printing allows consumers to modify, make, recreate and reconceptualise products. Making their own or buy ready to print blueprints allows a 3D printer to make just one part. In the future, the need to have a huge service system with many parts in an expensive warehouse such as the automobile industry not needed. As the prosumer will be able to print out at home and order the specific part online, basically only by scanning the part be able to print or order blueprint of it and then the computer program will print out the parts.

The consumer has evolved into a prosumer

In many ways, we are a part of developing the products we buy and use. The interaction happens in dialogue with the producers in new ways; we unpack and sample, recycle or on the internet using open source to develop specific needs. By blogs, communities, in or without a brand presence, products, and services emerge. It happens in other eras as well, the fresh way of asking questions, criticise analysis shopping madness, harm to the environment, and so on are very different than before. See 3D Printing, The Fab Home Project, and Body-scanning technology

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