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Wales is a term used to describe a series of ribs or ridges usually running lengthwise on woven fabrics. It describes the pile ribs found on corduroy fabrics.


Warp is a term used to describe the lengthwise, vertical yarns carried over and under the weft.


Washability is a term used to describe the ease of washing; fibre composition of a yarn or fabric is the element which most determines washability.

Washing & Drying

Washing & Drying. There is a separate Standard ISO 6330 which establishes the washing and drying programmes ‘behind’ the care label. It is this Standard that allows retailers and manufacturers to choose which care label to use.

Waste management

Waste Management is a term used to describe the classification of waste hierarchy divided into the following categories and models.

Waste stream

Waste stream describes the total flow of solid waste from homes, businesses, institutions, and manufacturing plants that must be recycled, burned, or disposed of in landfills; or any segment thereof, such as the residential waste stream or the recyclable waste stream.

Waste to Energy (WTE)

Waste to Energy (WTE) is the term used to describe the conversion of waste by-products into useful electricity (steam-generated).