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Virgin fibre

Virgin fibres never made into the fabric before, primarily used for wool fibres (virgin wool), to differentiate between these and reclaimed, reprocessed, and reused fibres.


Viscose or rayon is an artificial fibre, made from wood pulp, which on the face of it seems more sustainable. However, often the tree planted is eucalyptus, which draws up large amounts of water, causing problems in sensitive landscapes.

Visible light

Visible light is a term used to describe the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be detected by human eyes, typically wavelengths between 400 and 700 nm.

Visionary Company

A visionary company is a term used by leading innovators in their industries; they rank first or second in market share, growth, profitability, and shareholder performance.

Visual pollution

Visual pollution is a term used on commercial posters, and neon light spoiling the vies of the landscape in built-up areas.