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Symbiosis is a term used to describe the intimate living together of members of two species. It includes mutualism, commensalism, and, in some classifications, parasitism.


Syndemic s is a term used to describe the cogency beyond interactive biology of social structure, conditions and relations in the development of disease concentrations.

Synthetic Dyes

Synthetic dye. In 1856 William Henry Perkin, an English chemist discovered the synthetic dye Mauveine. From this day forward, synthetic dyestuffs began to supplant natural colour — the synthetic-dye manufacturing industry founded by Perkin in 1857.

Synthetic fibre

Synthetic fibres are a term used on human-made treads. Chemicals combined into large molecules called polymers produce fibres like nylon, polyester, spandex, acrylic, modacrylic, olefin, saran, spandex, and vinyl.

Systematic Approach (design)

A Systematic approach to design is a term used to describe a set of activities, which control overall implementation and integration of a complex set of interacting components or systems to meet the needs of all users.