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Sub-economic resources

Sub-economic resources is a term used to describe those resources already found that cannot be exploited economically with existing technology; also known as conditional resources.

Sugar cane denim

Sugar Cane denim is a term used to describe the construction of denim made from fibres derived from the plant that gave rise to the brand-name SUGAR CANE. In 1947, Levi XX 501 button fly, five-pocket selvedge dungarees was made by sugarcane.


Sulphur is a type of dyestuff used frequently on blacks, and neutrals khaki’s while economic has only moderate fastness to washing and light.

Super-absorbing textiles

Super-absorbing textile is a term used on a type of textile fabrics with the ability to absorb, for example, moist and problems associated with the discomfort experienced by using impermeable materials near the skin. The problem solution is minimised by primarily prolonging a vapour atmosphere or microclimate between the surface and the fabric.

Superhydrophobic surface

The superhydrophobic surface is a term used to describe a surface whereof the material is capable of creating a self-cleaning surface. Surface energy alone can hardly achieve enough hydrophobicity to create a self-cleaning surface where liquid droplets roll off from the surface as the result of extreme hydrophobicity.