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The spacesuit is a term used on the specially constructed suit worn by Astronauts or Cosmonauts space travels. The costumes made with many different systems as in most spacesuits, not with a single system can lead to critical or catastrophic faults.


Spandex is the generic name for artificial fibres derived from a resin called segmented polyurethane. It has excellent stretch and recovery properties


Spinning is the process by which cotton, wool, flax, and other short fibre twisted together to produce yarn or thread suitable for weaving into cloth, winding into rope or cable, or used in sewing. Long, continuous fibres, such as silk, are not spun.


Spirituality is a term used to describe (common language) our search for transcendence. Recent years an increasing focus on human living a meaningful life, not only as a private person but also as workers in the knowledge age. The western world long ago moved up from the lower needs of Maslow’s hierarchy (the basic needs as food, water-safety, shelter and protection from animals, cold weather etc.)