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Slack selvedge

Slack selvedge is a self‐descriptive fabric defect caused by an incorrect balance of cloth structure between the ground and selvedge or by the selvedge ends being woven with insufficient tension.

Slim Leg Fit

Slim Leg Fit. The Jean leg has no ease added to your thigh and knee measurements. The leg of your jeans will hug your leg from the thigh to the knee.


Sliver is a term used to describe the continuous strands of fibre untwisted that come from carding.

Slow fashion

Slow fashion comes from the Italian slow food movement that was founded in 1986 by Carlos Petrini, who was a protest against a fast-food chain in Italy, and its goal was to preserve the rich food culture in Italy, regional traditions, nature of production and agricultural diversity.

Slub Yarn

Slub yarn is a spun purposely to look irregular in shape length and diameter. Usually, slub yarns are very regular in repeat and size. Slub refers to thick or heavy places in the thread.