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Shade Batching

Shade Batching is the process of selecting batches of fabrics into homogeneous shade lots to get consistent colour continuity in garment making.

Shade Blanket

Shade Blanket is a fabric cut from each roll of fabric, sewn together, with roll numbers on the back of each pad to allow manufacturers to wash and name all shade colours of each roll. It is an essential tool in cutting apparel made from denim to make sure you cut garments from the same shade group.

Shape-memory material

Shape-memory material is a term used to describe a type of materials/fabrics that return to a specific shape, after being exposed to particular temperatures. This process of changing can be repeated several times and therefore are materials capable of remembering their original form. It regarded as intelligent textiles.


The shuttle is the weft insertion device that propels the filling yarn across over and under the warp yarns. Shuttles used to be shuttle looms wooden with a metal tip.