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Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is any of class microscopic procedures that use electrons rather than visible light to produce magnified images, particularly of objects having dimensions smaller than the single wavelengths of perceivable light.


The scenario is a term used to describe a plausible and often simplified version of how the future might develop, based on assumptions about driving forces and critical relationships. While they may be credible, it is usually hard or impossible to add probabilities to their occurrence as there are neither predictions nor forecasts.

Scientific method

The Scientific method is a term used to describe the discovering scientific principles by formulating hypotheses, making predictions from them, and testing the predictions.


Sourcing is an industrial process where dirt or starch oil, grease, sizing taken off fabrics.

Scrap products

Scrap products that have completed their useful life, such as appliances, cars, construction materials, ships, and post-consumer steel cans


Screening is a laundry process where jeans checked for quality, repaired, price tagged and packed.