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S-Twist Yarn

S-Twist Yarn is a left-handed twisted yarn. See Z-Twist.


SA8000 is a voluntary, worldwide standard for companies for certifying and auditing labour practices in their services. SA8000 is social accountability developed and monitored by independent third-party commercial firms.


Sanding is a fabric finishing process where fabrics sanded real sandpaper to make the surface soft without hair, can be performed before or after dying.


Sanforized is a Clouet Peabody and Company trademark for the pre-shrinking fabric process that limits residual fabric shrinkage to less than 1%, developed in the late 1920′s by the Sanforized Co.

Satin and Sateen

Satin and Sateen is a fabric weaves where one yarn floats over a series of threads before it interlaced once. When the warp floats over a series of picks (at least four) the fabric called satin, when the filling floats over a series of ends, the material called Sateen; it weaves to make fabric surfaces shiny and very smooth.