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Pre-shrunk means the denim has been penetrated to make sure that the garment will shrink less than 3% in washing. And that’s just a technical way of saying that washing your jeans should not affect the fit of the garment.


Precycling is source reduction and reuse. In most waste management planning, the hierarchy is Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Reduction and reuse are the first lines of defence against increasing waste volume.

Primary production

Primary production addresses the generation of biomass through photosynthesis. Such as plant growth production. Secondary manufacturing refers to the productivity of heterotrophic organisms such as animals.

Principle of the best practice

Principle of the best practice is a design approach was work closer to nature is one of the elements to reduce processing steps, use fewest resources and cause a less negative impact on the environment.

Private Goods

Private Goods is a term used on products that are both excludable and rivalrous (rivalry and excludability), and tradeable in the marketplace such as clothes or food.