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Plain Weave

Plain weave is the simplest and most common fabric weave where the filling yarn passes over and under each warp yarn in alternating rows.

Planet Textiles

The issues of water availability, water conservation in wet processing, wastewater discharge, the circular economy and the rise of environmental awareness in India will dominate this year’s Planet Textiles Summit in Bangalore India.

Planned product obsolescence

Planned product obsolescence or built-in obsolescence, is an industrial design strategy of which; the intention is a proposed product with a limited lifespan. The most common form of product obsolescence is the fading out of product when new versions.

Plasma technology

Plasma technology is a surface treatment process of textiles, adding extra value to functional textiles such as oil and water repellent, better fibre resistance that gives protection against aggressive chemicals.

Plastics recycling

Plastics recycling is a term used to describe an embracing system by which plastics materials that would otherwise immediately become solid wastes are collected, separated, or otherwise processed and returned to the economic mainstream in the form of useful raw materials or products.


Ply yarns; all are single-ply unless twisted with another yarn called two-ply and three-ply if three twisted. Plied yarns are used to make garment stronger.