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Natural capital

Nature capital. The limited stocks of physical and biological resources found on earth’ (MA, 2005) described as “natural capital”; within this, terms provide nature with a series of services that benefit society and the economy.

Natural dyes

Natural dyes. Up to the middle of the 19th century, there were only natural dyes, and most of these were vegetable origin; natural indigo being one of the most critical colours because of natural colouring needs fixation (mordanting) to absorb

Natural fibres

Natural fibres are any hair-like raw material directly obtainable through an animal, vegetable, or mineral source that can be convertible, after spinning, into yarns and then into woven cloth.

Natural laws

Natural laws Natural laws are the term used in the rules, thought to be taken from nature, by which the universe operates. ECO-FASHION ENCYCLOPEDIA Refashioned and Vintage Clothing...