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Nano phase-change materials graphics


Nano-phase material

Nano-phase material is a general term to describe any substance made up of phases that have dimensions of the order of nanometers. An ultrafine single solid phase was at least one dimension is in the nanometre range, sizes are between 1–20 nm


Nanomaterials are the novel engineered formed materials and fabric’s constructions at the nanometric scale. At the Nanoscale, the wholly new and different material property is possible, assembled with extremely accurate measurements at atomic level devices, materials and fabrics that are 100 times stronger than steel.


The Nanoscale of nanotechnology is a general term relating to objects from 1 to 100 nm. Thus a nanosecond is one-billionth of one second; a nanometre (nm) is one-billionth of one metre, and so on.


Nanoscience. According to the Royal Academy of Engineering (2004), the term nanoscience defined as following: Study of Phenomena and manipulation of materials at atomic, molecular, and macromolecular scales.