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Mobius loop with per cent



Modernisation. Economic theory holding that science, technology, art, and all essential goods and services must be mass-produced and mass-marketed to maximise social well-being. Much mischief is made in “underdeveloped” countries by replacing community and agrarian/craft work with low-wage work in a capitalist market

Modint Sustainable Material Guide

Modint Sustainable Material Guide made for buyers, product developers, designers as well as manufacturers and all other parties that would like to lower the ecological and social impact of their materials. It demystifies the process of how to make the right choices regarding quality (durability) and sustainability in the garment industry

Moisture absorbency

Moisture absorbency is s term used to measure fibres, yarns and fabric’s ability to absorb moisture; fibres, yarns and materials may be hydrophobic (absorbing water) or hydrophobic (avoiding water).

Molecular manufacturing

Molecular manufacturing is a term used to describe an emerging technology that is being developed to build large objects to atomic precision, quickly and cheaply, with virtually no defects. As it becomes more sophisticated, it promises to be an energy-efficient and environmentally benign way to make materials and textiles.