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The Loom is the weaving machine. Most famous loom manufacturers are Sulzer Ruti from Switzerland, Picanol from Belgium, Dornier from France, Tsudakoma /Toyoda from Japan and Vamatex from Italy. The word loom (from Middle English lome, “tool.”

Loomstate fabric

The Loomstate fabric is a term used to describe a woven fabric coming from the weaving machine into the trade, The goods as such are not finished but usually merely brushed on a cleaning machine may be raw fabric, grey goods.

Loop dyed

Loop dyed is one of the three primary industrial methods of dyeing indigo yarns.

Loop selvedge

Loop selvedge is a term uses on a weaving defect at the selvage of irregular filling loops that extend beyond the outside or excessive thickness of selvage.

Low impact design

Low impact design. Low impact use design made for easier use, low-no Lauder, stain welcoming, pro-wrinkle clothes.

Low-carbon economy

Low carbon economy is a concept that refers to an economy which has a minimal output of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions into the biosphere. More developed regions comprise all regions of Europe plus North America, Australia/New Zealand and Japan.