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Laser treatment

Laser treatment is a textile finishing is a method used to fade denim fabric by producing patterns such as dots, lines, text and symbols. With the use of the large system of lenses and mirrors beams the laser and expands its projections when it passes through a hole with desired shapes.

Laundry (processing)

Laundry (processing) is a manufacturing company that takes unwashed or raw jeans and processes them. This processing includes washing, stone-washing, sandblasting, and garment dyeing.

LD50 (lethal dose)

LD50 (lethal dose) or median lethal dose: the amount of a pharmacological or toxic substance (such as ionising radiation) that causes death in 50% of a group of experimental animals.

Least Developed Countries

Least developed country (LDC) is the name given to a country which according to the United Nations fits within the broader grouping of less-developed countries (see below) and as such, exhibits the lowest indicators of socioeconomic development.