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Jacob Davis

Jacob Davis was a tailor making work-wear from Nevada that after a complaint from customers whom the pocket was torn comfortably apart invented to rivet the pocket corners on the pants; which increased the durability significantly.


Jacquard is the name of a shedding mechanism, attached to a loom, that gives individual control of up to several hundred warp threads and thus enables large figured designs produced.

Japanese Crush

Japanese Crush is the name as a processing method introduced by labels like Sweet Caramel, which combines paint-stains and aperture-boring.


Jeans. Long, narrow pants, especially for women; manufactured by diagonal-weave cotton fabric. Named after where the texture initially was made, the town Genova.

Jute fibre

Jute fibre is the name given to the tissue found to certain plants, which grow principally in India, and the East Indian Islands. The common jute comes mainly from Bengal, the province east of India, where it was first known to science around