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Iconography is assorted geometric shapes, animals, and human graphic images are woven in a representational, abstract, or stylized fashion. The precise meaning of many of these designs to the weavers may never be known, as they are a part of the collective consciousness or mythical history and not actually discussed.

Indigenous people

Indigenous peoples considered synonymous with aboriginal, tribal, or native peoples, and some would characterise the phrase even more broadly. There have been countless attempts to define the term “indigenous peoples,” yet in today’s complex world of interwoven ethnic identities, no one definition has ever agreed.

Industrial biotechnology

Industrial biotechnology is a term upon various highly-developed applications that uses engineered microbes and enzymes in chemical synthesis processes. These engineered components can be highly useful to clean up the environment.

Industrial ecology

Industrial ecology is a field of study that handles within the sustainability framework. The essence of industrial ecology described as a system not in isolation from its surrounding systems, but the plan with them.