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Hybrid yarns

Hybrid yarn is a term used on an engineered fibre or material composed for a specific purpose or technical, functional requirement besides the basic as covering the body or looking fashionable.


Hydrocarbon is an organic chemical compound of hydrogen and carbon in gas, liquid, or solid phase. Hydrocarbons can vary from pure methane to massive, complex mixtures. Fossil fuels are made up of hydrocarbons. In-vehicle emissions, these are usually vapours created from incomplete combustion or vaporisation of liquid gasoline.


Hydrogels made from reprocessed silkworm silk, a gel formed with aqueous solutions of the fibroin prepared as outlined earlier. The rate of sol-gel transition is directly dependent on temperature (higher the temperature the more rapid the gelation), pH (lower the pH the more rapid the gelation), and solids content (higher the solids higher the rates of gelation.


The hydrosphere is a term that includes the total of Earth’s water resources such as lakes, oceans, streams, underground, surface water and finally snow and ice. The perennially frozen parts of the hydrosphere collectively referred to as the cryosphere.