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Hoechst Celanese

Hoechst Celanese is science-based, market-driven companies, who produce and market chemicals, fibres and films, engineering plastics, high-performance and speciality materials, pharmaceuticals, and animal-health and crop-protection products.

Hollow fibres

Hollow fibre is a word for a particular Polyester hollow fibre, first introduced to the market in 1980. The cross-section of this fibre has a tubular form that contains one or more holes and gives the following advantages over robust fibres more resilience/recovery.

Honeycomb fabric

Honeycomb fabric is the term used to describe a manufactured tissue consisting of sheet materials /fibres formed into an open-ended network of hexagonal cells, each cell’s wall shared with its immediate neighbours.


Hopsacking is a course, open, basket-weave fabric. The name comes from the plain-weave hemp and jute fibre for sacking in which hops gathered. Made from cotton, wool, linen, rayon, silk, hemp, or jute, it has a somewhat rough texture and is quite durable and often bulky.

Hotspots (biodiversity)

Hotspots (biodiversity) is a term used to describe an area that features exceptional concentrations of endemic species and faces an imminent threat of habitat destruction. There are identified around 18 -25 hotspots worldwide depending on the criteria used.