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Heather Cross Dye Top Dye Mélange

Heather Cross Dye Top Dye Mélange is a mixed fabric colour achieved the best examples are grey T-shirts, socks or wool used in suiting, different shades of fibres, and mixing them. Black-and-white fibre mixed will combine to give grey heather fibre.

Heavy metals

Heavy metal is a term used to describe a subset of a large number of metals and metalloids with high atomic(such as chromium, cadmium, arsenic and mercury), listed in the periodic table of the elements, which have properties of both metals and non-metals.


Heddles are steel wires, or thin flat steel strips held by the frame, with a loop or eye in the centre through which one or more warp yarns pass on the loom so that the thread movement is controllable in weaving.


Hemming of legs of jeans can often be a complicated process, with embroidered and beads creating patterns inlaid in the hemming. However, it can be unaffected by using different coloured threads to do the hemming. It creates a striking look even for casual jeans with the connection of colours on both sides of the denim cloth.

Hemp fibre

Hemp fibre is a bast fibre probably used first in Asia. The cord is dark tan or brown and is difficult to bleach, but it can be dyed bright and dark colours. The hemp fibre varies widely in length, depending upon their ultimate use. Industrial threads may be several inches long, while fibre used for domestic textiles are about 1.9 to 2.5 cm.

Henequen fibre

Henequen is a plant (of Mayan derivation) indigenous to Mexico. The name sisal also knows henequen. However, this is incorrect as there are several differences between the two plants.