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Flannel is a brushed, pliable fabric of twill, wool, worsted, cotton or rayon made in tightly woven twill or plain weave and finished with a light napping. Flannel originated in Wales and has a soft, napped surface that partially cancels the pattern.

Flat-front jeans

Flat-Front jeans are straight pants, often seamless and without pockets. Form-Fitting and Slim Fit – Straight from waist to ankle except for a slight curve around the hip.



Flatpack is a product designed to be packed flat, thereby reducing the cost of shipping, lower fuel and lower price for the consumer.

Flax fibre

Flax Fibre is a natural vegetable fibre composed mainly of cellulose processed from the stems of the flax plant.

Fluid jet loom

Fluid jet loom. There are of two kinds of fluid-jet looms, one employing a jet of air, the other a water jet, to propel a measured length of weft through the shed.