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Fibre crimp

Fibre crimp refers to waves, bends, twists or curls along the fibre length. It expressed as crimps per unit length. Some natural fibres are linear; others form two-dimensional or three-dimensional crimps.

Fibre length

After size, fibre length is the essential property of fibre. Fibre length is critical in the processing of fibres and yarns and the translation of threads strength to yarn strength.

Fibre size

Fibre size often referred to as fineness, is one of the essential properties of fibres measured in terms of diameter or linear density. The size of natural fibres measured diameter in micrometre units. It reflects the average width along the length of the thread.

Fibre to fabric engineering

Fibre to fabric engineering. It still does not exist an official fibre to fabric engineering title for this vastly wide and large industry segment as it was never undertaken by pro textile associations.