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Endangered forest

Endangered forests are the most valuable forests on the globe, forests that would be irreparably harmed by industrial resource extraction. In practical terms, this means these forests are “no go” and “no buy” woods.

Energy measuring 

Energy measuring is a term used to describe the light and radio waves, X-rays, and other forms of energy that transmitted through space as electromagnetic waves


Energy-efficient is products and systems that use less energy to perform as well or better than standard products.

Entropy (S)

Entropy (S) is also sometimes referred to as law of entropy or the second law of thermodynamics. In any system the measure of this disorganization or disorder is called entropy.

Environmental Audit

Environmental Audit – A term used by companies to measure the ecological implications of their operations, particularly concerning pollution, legally as well as ethically.

Environmental biotechnology

Environmental biotechnology is a term to describe the scientific engineering of biological systems for environment-friendly processes, such as green manufacturing and clean-up pollution.

Environmental Conservation

Environmental Conservation is a way of dealing with nature that includes the preservation, maintenance, sustainable use and the restoration and rehabilitation of the natural environment.

Environmental Cost

Environmental Cost is the measure of the cost in resource or financial terms of environmental damage or degradation.