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Daisyworld is the name of a mathematically based software program developed by James Lovelock to mimic an important element of the Earth-Sun system model when he was working on the Gaia hypothesis.


Darwinism is a term used to describe how Darwin’s (1809-1882) work influenced biology as well as philosophy as a whole and even economics and politics. His most well-known works include “the origin of species employing natural selection” in which it revolutionised our understanding of life on earth.


Dead Stock, to collectors, a pair of jeans with the original price tag that has never been worn or sold.

Debt-for-nature swap

Debt-for-nature swap is a device, the creation of Thomas Lovejoy, in which debts incurred by developing bought at a discount, and then forgiven in exchange for agreements from those nations to preserve natural areas.


Deconstruction Eco-Fashion Encyclopedia. Deconstruction is a term used on a concept introduced by Jacques Derrida in his book Of Grammatology in France in 1967.

Deep Ecology

Deep Ecology, In 1973, Norwegian philosopher and mountaineer Arne Næss introduced the phrase deep ecology to environmental literature.