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Chain of custody

Chain of custody – refer to the track goods, and products take from the source (mostly used for the forest or fibre for garment production) the endpoint usually the consumer.


Chambray is a plain weave fabric, with a single but different warp and weft colour.

Change (everything)

Change (everything) has been an important topic in philosophy of religion. Classical Buddhism teaches that everything is in a state of change.


Chaos is a term used in a mathematical theory describing systems that are very sensitive to the way they are originally set up.


Charter is a term used in describing a document developed by a project team, defining the context, specific details such as plans for a project.

Child Labour

Child labour defined by the UNICEF: work that exceeds a minimum number of hours, depending on the age of a child, and the type of work.


Chino, the name came from both the trouser style worn by British Colonial troops in the 1800′s and the cotton fibre used for the fabric named twill.