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Calorie (cal)

A calorie defined as an energy measure unit. One calorie is the amount of energy required to heat 1 gram of water from 14.5 to 15.5°C. 1 cal = 4.184 Joule

Cambrian explosion

Cambrian explosion is the name of a period approximately 550 million years ago with the relatively rapid evolution of the modern forms of multicellular life.


Canvas is the simplest weave in textiles. A plain weave (1×1) where the filling yarn is passed over and under individual warp yarns.

Capri jeans

Capri jeans is a jean that finishes at the mid-calf level and is quite fitted, made in woven fabric.

Carbon colonialism

Carbon colonialism is a term used by critics of carbon trading to describe how carbon offset’s projects can be used by wealthy consumers in the North to displace their high-carbon consuming practices by offsetting their emissions cheaply in the South.

Carbon cycle

The carbon cycle is all parts (reservoirs) and fluxes of carbon. The period usually thought of as four main reservoirs of carbon interconnected by pathways of exchange.