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Body burden

Body burden is a term used to describe the total sum of all persistent toxins in our body that we accumulate from our air, water, diet, and surroundings. Such as Particulate matter (PM), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Aerosols.

Boot cut jeans

The boot cut jeans became part of the working outfit for American sailors during the 20th century.

Bottom-up approach

A bottom-up approach (self-assembly processes) is a term used to describe one of two ways to fabricate nanometre size elements of integrated electronic circuits.

Bourdon stitching

Bourdon stitching is a close, narrow row of decorative raised stitching such as a monogram, finished edge or accent.

Bourgeois society

Bourgeois society is a term used to describe a is a type of organisation in which exchange relationships replace social relationships in which cultural items.