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Back cinch

Back cinch is also known as martingale, the back cinch with a back buckle used to tighten the waist on jeans before widespread.

Backyard composting

Backyard composting is a controlled decomposition of organic food waste and yard trimmings in urban and suburban backyards


Bagasse is a fibrous material that remains after sugarcane stalks crushed to extract the juice.

Baggy jeans

Baggy jeans development of the denim jean, the silhouette became rounded and very loose-fitting.

Balanced weave

The Balanced weave is a term used to describe a certain textile structure in which the number of yarns in the lengthwise direction and the number of yarns in the crosswise direction are similar in the number of and size.

Banana Fibre

Banana fibres obtained from the stem of banana plant (Musa sapientum) characterised for their diameter variability and their mechanical properties.