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Almost 95% of silver is in jewellers, photography, silverware and different industrial applications, which include electrical parts such as miniature batteries, bearings, brazing alloys, and photovoltaic cells. Silver appreciated in history as an anti-bacterial agent, already in sixth-century B.C did Cyrus the great king of Persia uses silver to keep the water fresh, the boiled water stored in bottles.

In modern times antiseptic and anti-bacterial healing properties of silver in products such as plaster, purification of water, swimming pool’s sanitation, etc. These functions are because of silver unique ability to disturb the multiplication function of bacteria. More or less 20 per cent of the available Nanotechnology in the consumer market contains Nanosilver, incorporated mostly due to anti-bacterial properties. Some of these products are used in food storage and wound care. However, most for clothing and underwear. See Nanoscience and Nanoscale

Nanotechnology in The Fashion Industry Series

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